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Serving Accessories

Elegant and antique serving accessories are available. Special antique accessories are also obtainable upon request.

Chafing Dishes ( Stainless)

* comes w/one stainless food pan

(Size/Pack size)
4 qt Round
8 qt rectangular Roll top

Additional Porcelain Inserts

(Size/Pack size)
Porcelain Insert for Rectangle
Porcelain Insert half size
Porcelain Insert
Round Divided
6 Hour Sterno

Centerpieces / Plateaus

(Size/Pack size)
Glitter Charger Silver 12"
Heart Cake Plateau 12"
Votives Small
Votives Large
Votives Fuel

Trays Serving Items

SS = Stainless Steel

(Size/Pack size)
Bon-Bon Dish-SS
Cake Stand-SS
Champagne cooler small-SS
Champagne cooler Large-SS
Trays-SS 15" Round 18" Rectangular
Serving Utensils-SS H/D
Spoon, Fork or Tongs
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(Size/Pack size)
Chips and Dip Dish
3 Tier Bon Bon
Large Oval 20"
Stand for 3 large oval 20"
3 Compartments

8" Round

Stand for 18" Round- metal Black
Large Round Bowl -Porcelain
Stand for Large Rnd Bowl- metal
Wood Cutting/ Cheese Board


* Table Covers/ Tray Stands

(Size/Pack size)
Table Cloths
Spandex Black 72X30
Fitted Black 72X30
Color Linens By Request
Tray Stand Covers Black
Tray Stand Black / Tall
Tray- Full Size
Tray-Server 14"

*Ask about our Event Tending and Culinary & Wine Antique Rentals.